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Marcoccio Associates

Software Expert Witness and Consultant -  40 years of commercial software product engineering,  software development and implementations, which provide the expertise and knowledge required for opinions and testimony in software-related legal cases.


High Level Management Consultant - Transforming corporations, governments, and universities to meet the needs and challenges of the business world of today and tomorrow.

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About Marcoccio Associates

Lou Marcoccio is an international engineering and consulting service provider with many years of expertise in everything software. Due to his deep knowledge of software, ERP, and software inventions, he was asked 10 years ago to provide guidance and advice as a software expert witness and related law firm consulting on US Federal Court cases. Mr. Marcoccio now makes himself available to provide expert witness guidance and input.
Today Mr. Marcoccio owns and operates Marcoccio Associates, an expert witness and consulting firm in Boston, MA. He provides software expert witness services, corporate business-related management, and consulting.  A boutique consulting firm with a team of software experts and support staff.  Mr. Marcoccio has helped corporations, governments, and learning institutions to expand and transform to levels unheard of in recent years utilizing the latest innovative business, people, and technical ideas achieving award-winning results.

Businesses, technologies, and people must quickly evolve to meet today’s unprecedented demands and challenges. Let us help transform and optimize your business functions, engineering, information technology and critical shared services to accelerate new levels of success. 

Lou Marcoccio CEO - Marcoccio Associates 617-893-3311

We offer superior software expert witness services and thought-leading and highly successful management consulting.


With many years experience successfully expanding and transforming businesses and analyzing, unearthing, and resolving the world’s most serious software issues.

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Besides testifying to the US Senate and supporting US Federal Court cases related to software, Lou Marcoccio has provided expert witness services or software expert consulting to global and domestic law firms, governments, and Intelligence Agencies. He has provided successful management consulting services to financial services, retail, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, beverage, real estate, energy, and other industries domestic and worldwide.

Companies We've Worked With.

From Hewlett Packard to Deloitte to General Motors, Lou Marcoccio has worked successfully with various Fortune 500 companies.